A list of the best foods high in protein.

Proteins are essential nutrients needed by every cell within the human body.

These are made up of amino acids which are used to build muscle tissue, hormones, blood, bones, cartilage and skin.

It is important to consume protein rich foods on a daily basis to support the growth and repair of your body.

now we will explore the best 15 food sources of protein in the world, from both animal and plant based foods. 

1. Eggs

Pasture raised eggs contain all the building blocks of life and are the best source of protein available. These contain all 9 essential amino acids which the body needs to build muscle, repair tissues and absorb nutrients.

2. Beef

Grass fed beef is one of the highest quality protein sources, and has been consumed for thousands of years by humans. It is rich in L-carnitine and heme iron which improves blood flow and actually lowers the risk  of heart disease.

3. Hemp Protein

This is a plant based source of protein for those who follow a Vegan/Vegetarian diet. This also contains all 9 essential amino acids, however is not as easily digested as animal protein. 

4. Chicken

Pasture raised organic chicken is rich in protein that is easier to digest than that of red meat. Avoid commercial chicken because these animals are pumped with hormones, drugs and anti-depressants which can cause health problems when consumed .

5. Salmon

Wild caught salmon is an amazing source of protein and omega 3-s. Salmon contains bioactive protein peptides which support healthy joints, digestion and blood sugar control. It's B vitamins also help to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

6. Split Peas

These are another rich source of plant based protein to serve alongside a nutritious meal. These have been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase muscle growth, because of their amino acid content.

7. Turkey

This is a lean protein source which is also rich in B Vitamins. It is vital that you add a healthy fat source when consume lean protein, to support digestion. We recommend consuming turkey alongside avocado or olive oil.

8. Chia Seeds

Aztec warriors would carry chia seeds in a pouch and consume 1 tablespoon before battle. These are true energy boosters packed full of protein and ALA, a type of omega 3 fat. They are also rich in biotin and chromium and are easiest to digest when ground.

9. Sardines

Another excellent fish with a great balance of protein and omega 3 fats. These are available canned and are an easy protein rich snack. The omega 3-s work with the protein to stimulate muscle growth and healthy weight management.

10. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a protein rich snack which are high in plant protein, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamin E. They are also rich in B vitamins for supporting a healthy nervous system.

11. Water Lentils

Also known as Lentine, this is a powerful plant based protein powder. This has a complete amino acid profile and is one of the best  sources for b Vegans or those on a plant based diet. It is also a great source of Vitamin B12. 

12. Greek Yoghurt

Avoid low fat options and choose a good organic Greek Yoghurt. This is a fermented food which is extremely healthy for the gut and digestive system. Low fat options make the protein harder to digest, and often contain added sugars, so try to avoid these.

13. Chlorella

This is a super food plant based source of protein and comes in powdered form. This is a natural green algae which grows in fresh water and is packed full of minerals, omega 3-s protein and B vitamins.

14. European Cheese

European grass fed cheese is an easy to digest source of protein, rich in Vitamins A, E, K and K2.  Cheese contains proteins and fatty acids which improve brain health, and also helps calcium to be absorbed into the bones, teeth and nails. 

15. Pumpkin Seeds

Although these do not contain an entire amino acid profile, their proteins are still highly nutritious. These can be consumed alongside traditional protein sources to boost your intake of magnesium, zinc and other minerals. They are high in l-tryptophan to help you fall asleep at night.


As you can see there are many fantastic sources of protein that you can consume for a healthy body.
We highly recommend avoiding whey protein powder, as this causes a massive spike in the insulin hormone which can lead to insulin resistance.
In nature, protein is always paired with a fat source, so it's important to choose fattier cuts of meat and minimise lean proteins.
Consuming only lean protein causes bile to dry up in the body, leading to gallbladder attacks and a high risk of gallstones.
Always pair your protein with their natural fat complex. You can also add healthy fats such as avocado, virgin olive oil and grass fed butter to balance out the meal.
Saturated fats are absolutely essential to provide fat soluble nutrients which are needed for the brain, the cell membranes, the nervous system, the immune system and as raw material for hormones.
Unfortunately low fat diets and out dated medical science has led to a raise in obesity, heart disease and a host of body illnesses.
If you struggle in digesting meats, we recommend adding some apple cider vinegar and ox bile supplements into your diet.
This helps the stomach to break down proteins into amino acids and use them effectively. 
Finally we would recommend a healthy keto diet, which essentially  cuts out refined carbohydrates. 
This is an amazing diet for shedding excess body fat and building stronger muscles.

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