Weight Loss and Maintenance Has Become So Easy

Millions of people spend billions of dollars in the hope of achieving the same thing, effective weight management. For years, many people have struggled to maintain a healthy weight and body. With a majority of Americans overweight or even obese, the problem has become a crisis. Nearly 300,000 people die each year from weight-related diseases.
Every week seems to bring out the next trendy diet designed to help you "lose weight". The problem is that most of these programs are not effective. Some work for a few days, but the weight comes back. Others are downright unhealthy. From products to exercise equipment, people are looking for the answer to their weight management problem.
We believe that the key to effective weight management is a healthy lifestyle. The pH Factor Weight Management System combines a sensible diet, exercise, water consumption and superior nutrition to help you create a healthy lifestyle.
We believe the missing key to this challenge for many is pH Factor. Because the pH of the blood is so essential to life, the body protects the blood at all costs. The typical diet consists of foods that, once digested, create acid that is put into the bloodstream. The body must neutralize this acid or risk major problems. Fat is one of the main buffers the body uses to help process the acid. When the body cannot neutralize the acid, it stores it in the fat cells.
When we try to lose fat, we usually reduce calories. But if our system remains acidic, instead of burning fat, which would release more acid into the system, the body burns the muscles instead. The pH Factor weight management system helps you identify foods that create excess acid in the system and also provides alkaline products. This combination can help you increase your body's pH, creating a healthy environment.
Tired of fighting to lose weight only to gain it back, again and again. It's a horrible cycle. Not only is it depressing, it's unhealthy. ForMor has discovered what we think is the missing key to long-term weight management. It's the pH factor.
Welcome to the pH Factor rapid weight loss system. The success of this system requires strict adherence to the system. Failure to adhere to the system reduces the effectiveness of the system and decreases your chances of achieving the desired result.
A healthy lifestyle is essential for weight management and health. This includes: a reasonable diet, moderate and regular exercise, sufficient water consumption and a good nutritional programme. The pH Factor Rapid Weight Loss System combines these elements in a simple plan. Over the next 14 days we will transform your body into a more efficient fat burning machine. Order your products today, you'll be glad you did!!

The pH factor

"pH" or "hydrogen potential" is the measurement used to determine whether something is acidic or alkaline. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 6.8 to 7.0 being considered neutral. Anything below 6.8 is considered acidic and anything above 7.4 is considered alkaline. The pH of the blood is slightly above 7.3. If the blood pH is changed, major problems, including death, are imminent. Therefore, the body has several buffers in place to ensure that the blood pH remains constant.
The main buffers used by the body are: sodium, calcium and body fat. When acid is present in the blood, the body seeks to neutralize it with an alkaline substance. The main neutralizing agent is sodium, followed by calcium. The body actually takes calcium from the bones to neutralize the blood acid. If it cannot be easily neutralized, the body stores the acid in the fat cells. This creates a major weight management problem.
Let's take a look at how it all works. Like any machine, our body needs fuel to function. Unfortunately, the fuel or food that most people use is not what the body needs or wants. In order to function at maximum efficiency, the body needs proper nutrition. The typical diet is rich in foods with little or no nutritional value.
The problem goes far beyond a simple drop in efficiency. Like any machine, the fuel we burn creates exhaust fumes or by-products, sometimes called ash. In the body, our food is burned as fuel at the cellular level. Blood is the vehicle used to transport food to the cell and is also used to transport waste or exhaust gases away from the cell for disposal.
When raw fruits and vegetables are eaten, the body breaks them down and sends them to the cells for fuel. The cell burns the fuel and the exhaust is an alkaline ash. When food from a typical diet is burned as fuel, the exhaust created is acidic ash. This acid is then transported into the bloodstream.
Since the pH of the blood is so essential for life, the body protects the blood at all costs. The body must neutralise this acid or risk major problems.
Our goal is then to reduce the amount of food that creates acidic ash and increase the amount of food that creates alkaline ash.

Effects of acid

The acid in the body acts like the acid outside the body. This creates waste. It ages the skin, degenerates tissue and causes major problems. In addition, most health problems are created by an overabundance of acid in the system. Reducing acid in the system is essential for long-term health.
Many people enjoy drinking a can of soda. If you look at the label, you will find that a can of soda contains mostly acid. The pH of a soda is about 2.3. This is highly toxic. The body has to work hard to neutralize this acid in the system. It uses sodium, calcium from bones or teeth, or whatever it needs to neutralize the acid.
Part of this system includes a slight change in some of the foods we normally eat. We understand that most people will not eliminate all the bad foods from their diet, so instead of eliminating them, we are going to propose a reduction strategy.


Most people are dehydrated. Drinking enough quality water is essential to your success. To determine your water needs, convert your body weight into ounces and divide it by two (2), which is the number of ounces of water you should consume each day. Pure water is the only thing that counts in your daily intake. Even water mixed with Pro Factor Shakes does not count towards your daily needs. For best results, you should only drink distilled water loaded with Crystal Catalyst concentrate. Mix half an ounce (½) of Crystal Catalyst Concentrate with one (1) gallon of distilled water.


Building lean muscle mass, burning extra calories and improving overall health are just some of the benefits of regular exercise. For the next 14 days, commit to some form of physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day for ten (10) of the 14 days of this program. This may include: walking, jogging, cycling, playing with your children or grandchildren, or other activities such as chasing your spouse home that will increase your heart rate. Make it something you enjoy. Just make a commitment for the next two weeks.


In life, balance is to be desired. When something is done to excess, we risk becoming unbalanced. Usually it is not a piece of cake or a soda that gets us in. It is when sodas, cakes and other acid-producing foods are consumed in excess that we create problems. You can even get off balance on the other side. The shelf life of most professional athletes and vegetarians is actually shorter than that of some couch potatoes. But we need to identify the things we do in excess in our food consumption and make extreme choices about how to balance them.

For example, one customer drank 6 to 8 diet sodas a day. It was an extreme choice for him to eliminate diet sodas from his daily life, but it was one of the extreme choices he made. For others, it might be 6 to 8 cups of coffee, two desserts a day, or mid-afternoon chocolate bars. We are not suggesting that you necessarily stop doing these kinds of things. Instead, start exercising some discipline and control over these things. Instead of eight sodas a day, drink only two. Instead of four cups of coffee, drink only one or two. Instead of four packets of sugar in your tea, maybe just one or two. Instead of a late night snack, drink two glasses of water loaded with Crystal Catalyst concentrate. Instead of always taking the lift, take the stairs once a day. You may want to reduce your portions when you eat. When you go to a buffet, maybe stop by just once. Take away the idea that when you go to a buffet, "you have to get your money's worth" by eating as much as you can. The purpose of eating is to give you enough fuel to go to the next meal and nothing more. For best results, we strongly suggest that you make extreme choices.

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