Daughter Helps 73-Year-Old Mom Lose 50+ Pounds To Get Her Health Back On Track, And Her Before And After Pics Go Viral


As cliché, because it sounds, it’s never too late to raise your life. And Joan MacDonald from Ontario, Canada is that the perfect example of that. After doctors told the 73-year-old woman that she’ll need to up her medication dosages if she continues together with her lifestyle, Joan decided to require matters into her own hands. in only a couple of years, she went from weighing almost 200 pounds to flexing on fitness magazine covers.

At 70-years-old, Joan was set in her ways, “angry, frustrated, arthritis, and very overweight”

Seeing her own mother’s health decline during a home was the warning call that made her know it was time to form some changes

The beginning was rough. “I never let people take photos of me because I couldn’t accept where I used to be and yet, I also couldn’t seem to vary,” she explained in one among her posts. “It was a really tough place to be, and that I stayed there in place for a real while .” But the lady got uninterested in feeling helpless and uncomfortable in her skin. albeit she couldn’t remember the last time she’d really paid close attention to her health, she made up her mind that it had been a matter of ‘now or never.

“You can’t turn back the clock but you'll wind it up again!”

“I knew I had to try to do something different,” MacDonald told Shape. “I had watched my mom undergo an equivalent thing, taking medication after medication, and that I didn’t want that life for myself.”

Joan’s daughter, a yoga practitioner, competitive powerlifter, and professional chef helped her to succeed in her goals

To start making changes, MacDonald asked her daughter Michelle, a yogi, competitive powerlifter and professional chef to assist her. Joan began her journey by joining Michelle’s online workout program, which specializes in building strength and endurance. She even got an iPhone and learned the way to use a couple of apps for this part. Then she added walking to her routine also as practising yoga and lifting weights.

“I made up my mind that I could roll in the hay and that I refused to quit regardless of how daunting it was”

“I made up my mind that I could roll in the hay and that I refused to quit regardless of how daunting it had been to go to the gym with arthritis and acid reflux and vertigo,” she explained in one among her posts. “I just focused on taking it at some point at a time … did my best, allowed myself to form mistakes, and never gave up.”

The woman has lost 62 pounds and not takes any medication

“I am praying for the courage and grit to stay on going, to stay dreaming, and keep acting out my dreams for a far better quality of living”

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